The Duo

Hunnilicious is a mother/daughter duo that combines unique harmony blends, acoustic instrumentation and country flavor to perform original material along with their own version of all-time favorites. The mother side of the duo, Elaine Anderson, has been writing songs since she was twelve and has recorded over fifty original songs in her lifetime. Amber Anderson, the daughter side of the duo, brings youth, contagious energy and her own brand of musical talents to add a dynamic dimension to the duo. These ladies released their debut CD in April of 2013 and are excited about the core message of their recording; which is to provide music that speaks to the joys, struggles and daily challenges of being a woman in today’s world. When Hunnilicious takes the stage they combine harmony rich vocals and acoustic driven melodies to deliver a fun, heartfelt, musical experience; and when the music is silent, their unique mother/daughter relationship continues to resonate a message that reflects their love for each other, and a passion to give their audience an uplifting musical experience.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to provide music that connects with women, of all ages and walks of life, by creating lyrical content that speaks to the joys and struggles of being a woman in our modern culture. This is not to say we have forgotten about the guys, in fact, a lot of our songs are about guys and how we as women struggle in our relationships with men. Our desire is for every man that listens to the messages of these songs to be positively influenced, and as a result have a greater love and appreciation for the women in his life. Our purpose, beyond the music, is to create opportunities for mothers, daughters, sisters and friends to get together; let loose, and just have fun. We believe women need each other to laugh with, cry with and experience all the girl vibes that most men are not wired to understand. That’s why we are committed to use our music to create an atmosphere that brings women together. Our dream, is to help every woman we come in contact with, become a self-confident individual, that believes she is worthy of all the love and appreciation the world has to offer. Together we are “hunnilicious” not because of our age, weight, status, bra size, hair color, or outside opinion, but because we have found an inner spiritual connection that makes us a beautiful gift, not only to ourselves, but to everyone in our world.

Our Name

When Amber and I were looking for a name for ourselves; we had a hard time settling on one we both liked. The one word we agreed on, for completely different reasons, was “honey”. So we threw around a bunch of different names that involved the word honey, but couldn’t settle on anything that seemed to fit the vision we had for our music. Then one day I saw a post Amber made on face book that was a picture collage of some of her best friends, and the message said, “Life is sweet, ‘cause I got Hunnies”. When I saw this, it was like a light went off in my head and I turned to Amber and said, “This is it, this is who we’re supposed to be, and the women we love and want to write music for are our “hunnies”. Not long after this conversation a dear friend of mine, who was actually with me in Amber’s original “hunnies” post, lost her twenty-one year old son to a prescription drug overdose. During this period, Amber and I spent a lot of time with my friend and for some reason she started calling Amber, “amberlicious” and this was when the second part of our name came to life. The confirmation of the two words becoming one came over a disagreement Amber and I had over the spelling of the word honey. Amber wanted “Hunni” and I wanted “Honey”. I told her we had to spell it correctly, and she told me if we spelled it my way, she didn’t like the name, period. Typical mother daughter disagreement, so the next day I decided to google the different spellings of honey and all the meanings and associations that were on the web. I wanted to prove to Amber that we had to spell it my way, but during the process I experienced a miracle. There was only one search result for the spelling “Hunnilicious” and it was the following definition in the urban dictionary. “A woman who is the total package. She has incredible emotional, spiritual and physical strength, as well as wit, charm, and an incredible since of humor. She is as intelligent and wise as she is beautiful and captivating.” These words almost word for word described the vision we had for our music. Amber won the argument on the spelling and we both knew this was the name we were destined to have. So Amber and I combined the influence of this definition and our personal thoughts to put together our own definition of hunnilicious. – “A woman whose poised confidence and inner beauty reflects a spirit that is inspiring, as well as captivating. Her intelligence is evident, since of humor enchanting, and love for life contagious.” Both definitions define an amazing woman, and our goal is to encourage and empower every female we come in contact with to claim the name “hunnilicious” and believe she is a unique, beautiful, wonderful creation.

Our Songs

“Watch you Grow” – Any parent who has sat through their child’s graduation ceremony can relate to the experience of letting go in this song. When Amber was a senior in high school, I was ask to sing for her graduation baccalaureate service and after wracking my brain trying to come up with the “right song”, and coming up empty handed, I decided to try to write something original. I had a hard time writing the song because I hadn’t written anything in a while and songwriting is like anything else, if you don’t do it you get rusty. Not to mention the fact that when it comes to being creative, sometimes the more momentous the situation, the harder it is to put the emotion on paper. The more I thought about what I wanted to say to Amber, the more I realized, sometimes there are just no words to express how you feel. The lyric “I know I should be giving you wise advice, but somehow all my wisdom is flowing form my eyes”, sums up the feeling I had. Sure, I could have written about all the endings this day was going to bring, like, cheering her on from the sidelines of ballgames, or having her sleep down the hallway, but the truth is, a three -minute song can never fully express this feeling of letting go. So as the lyric in the song says, “I’ll hold your hand, kiss your cheek, share your smile and watch you grow”. Sometimes the best thing to say remains unsaid, and the silence and expression of love, means more than words ever could. Amber heard this song for the first time at the baccalaureate service and I also sang it at her graduation ceremony. When I wrote this song I never imagined that someday I would I have the opportunity to share my love for music with Amber by my side. I’m so blessed to get to be around her so much and continue to watch her grow. Today, my beautiful daughter is a woman in every sense of the word, and I consider her to me my best friend, but she will never grow too old to be my little girl.

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